Anchoring in Real-time: this is how we do it

Anchoring in real-time is the next topic up for discussion and demonstration in our current series of real-time updates! With conversation from the cockpit and live-action footage at the bow, we hope we manage to cover off the complete process.

If there’s one thing to practice before you start cruising, it’s anchoring.

But first, it’s time for a catch-up to explain why we have taken so long to leave the Lombok area of Indonesia.

Post pandemic, we left Sabah in Malaysian Borneo and sailed SY Esper to Lombok in Indonesia, where we hauled out. After sorting out some engine issues and dropping back in the water, we spent last year’s wet season sailing east to some of the wonderful Lesser Sunda islands while we waited for the trades to kick in.

We turned around at Komodo to head back west, where we intended to let those south-east trades develop and help us on our way through the Java Sea.

But a sailor’s plans are set in the sand, and at this point we developed steering issues. Not wanting to make a 1,200 mile passage without a working autopilot and a grinding helm, we did the sensible thing and hauled out again.

This meant we lost our crucial weather window.

Roll on to earlier this year and we’re back in the water with a sleek rudder and new steering system: we were ready to make the passage to Malaysia.

You can see our glee in the video embedded below. Or listen to the podcast!

And anchoring in real-time? You’ll need to watch the video to see us in action at the start and at the end of this sailing passage from Bali to Java.

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