Winching Is For Whimps!

dadviewWell, apart from a bit of dinghy work this summer, it’s the first time I have been sailing since Holland and certainly it’s a first with Jamie, Marcus, Rachel & Lesley (setting aside white water rafting in the Canadian Rockies)!

It was a bit of an eye opener to see how an Oyster handles compared with a Dufour. When Esper is bowling along at 7 knots plus there’s almost no bounce and that auto-helm is something else-talk about luxury!

Mind you I had forgotten all about moving quickly when you are told and, of course “winching”-it made me feel a complete whimp trying forlornly to turn the handle. At least Jamie proved to be an exceedingly professional and understanding skipper and we were all impressed with his knowledge. One also tends to forget that a serious sailing boat is unforgiving and hard-there are no soft places when you are at sea, and I have the bruises to prove it.

But hey, what about those clear blue seas and hot sunshine-so hot sometimes you just wanted to hide from the glare or dive into the water and cool down.

We compensated for our hard work when anchored up, or in the marina-plenty of good Turkish food and drink to sustain us all even in some of the remotest spots on the littoral. I am sure I put on weight despite all the swimming and snorkelling as well as a deal of trekking and I even did some rowing!

I did not see one belly dancer in the whole two weeks; just some spectacular sunsets and scenery instead!


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