Listen To Your Mother

lifejacketNo-one told me that I would be experiencing a force 5-6 wind and Esper would be on a 30-450 heel, so close to the waves!
No-one told me that there were so many hard obstacles on a boat.
No-one told me that one has to be fit and agile.
No-one told me that a dinghy (tender) could move suddenly when stepping in and one could end up “A over T”.
No-one told me I would have to take orders from my son!

No-one told me how gracefully Esper moves through the water under full sail.
No-one told me that parts of Turkey are so green and beautiful.
No-one told me that my son Jamie is fast becoming a very competent skipper.

No-one told me what a wonderful experience I would have, despite the bumps & bruises.

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