What tickles your fancy?

The informed and inquisitive comments we receive here on the blog and on our YouTube sailing channel really help and inspire us! So we thought we would start a poll over on our sailing channel to find out what really tickles your fancy.

There are five options to choose from, and we’ve enabled comments for any further opinions, thoughts and feedback. Blimey! People have very definite ideas about what they like.

Of the 456 votes cast at the time of writing, Boat systems is in the lead. And not far behind is Navigations systems and techniques. If you would like to add your vote and sway the stats, then follow this link, it takes you straight to the page:

Click for FTB’s
“I’ll tell you want” I want poll!

When you’ve voted you will see the league table. Add in a comment underneath the poll and we will reply. All comments and replies are visible if you are using a laptop or desktop, but on your phone some will be missing (YouTube is working on this).

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It costs less than a cuppa tea…

One glaring omission from the original menu is Millie. That’s because YouTube has decreed that five options in any poll is the maximum its viewers can handle, so she didn’t make the  list. You can bet people have made their feelings known in the comments, though!

Please don’t vote here because your choice won’t be counted, just one click takes you to the poll.  

Peace and fair winds!
Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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