We lost our cat overboard!

For the record: Millie’s had a ladder of one sort or another for the last 8 years, since she was a kitten, and we even have footage of her using it, have a look here:

She hadn’t fallen in for more than 5 years before this. We still don’t know how it happened, but we suspect the current was too strong for her to reach safety at the stern.

How to sail a boat – solo sailing. This is a little intro into how Jamie sails SY Esper (a ketch cutter rigged Oyster) on his own. You’ll notice some changes in our latest vlog and we hope that you like the new format.
Please leave any questions and comments in the section beneath the clip and we’ll try out best to answer all of them on camera.









In this episode Jamie is still sailing with American McGee around Ko Pu and Ko Lanta. However the footage recorded wasn’t up to our high standards so we recorded the part where Jamie shows us how he sails SY Esper, an Oyster 435, on his own.

We start with turning on the instruments and then using the selector switch to start the engine with the correct battery. Jamie then takes us through each sail: the mizzen, the main, the stay and the foresail. Throughout this clip we stop and give mini guides on various aspects of the process.

We also have a new section – Questions – and we encourage you to post your own questions in the comments under this clip.


The two tracks used in this episode are given away for free under Creative Commons licence, so please support these musicians any way you can:

00:20 “Friday” by The Passion Hi Fi

22:45 Followtheboat theme tune – “Suddenly” by Otis McDonald

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2 Comments on “We lost our cat overboard!”

  1. Hey guys,
    Love your videos!
    I can’t seem to locate the video where you discuss the costs of the refit.
    Help a mate out I’m curious as heck to find out.

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for the comment. The only video in which we discuss costs is for Patreons only. We have promised Sailing Today magazine first dibs on the breakdown of costs. Liz is writing a six-part series on our refit and ST have just published the third episode. ST is available online if you wish to subscribe, or you can become a Patreon for as little as $2 a month to catch that video. It’s pretty comprehensive, breaks down all the work and the respective prices. We will make the costs public only after the final edition of ST is on the shelves. Cheers!

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