Travelling 4,000 Miles For This


You understand why we are doing this whole trip, don’t you? We’ve left the rat-race and are off to discover new places. Places that inspire and excite. Really we are looking for that perfect idyllic sea where no man can be seen for miles around.


So imagine sailing 4,000 miles, only to discover this…



Pictured above is a screen grab of our chart plotter. It shows the Arabian Sea with Oman on one side and our destination, India, on the other. The green line coming in from the bottom left is our track and the red line across the page is our proposed route. You may even be able to spot the blue ‘Half Way’ marker. It is the green triangles that I want you to consider though. Each of these is a vessel, normally commercial. And slap bang in the centre of it all is Esper, the red boat pointing east!


So much for quiet destinations and undiscovered, exotic places!

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10 Comments on “Travelling 4,000 Miles For This”

  1. what a goldmine for pirates.

    PS: are the “attack” triangles, attacks in progress, or historical attacks?

  2. Sorry about the duplication: my hand must ne shaking this morning – and I went to bed last night stone-cold sober!

  3. Presumably the triangles are not to scale though, eh? Not quite the same as the M25 but at least someone our there is working! 😆

  4. I thought I was quite explicit in my reasons for not covering Oman! There were three reasons: I didn’t really take to it as it’s not the prettiest country in the world; the attitude towards women sucks; and we didn’t explore it that much as it’s an expensive country and so was prohibitive to hiring a car (the only way to get around) and going exploring. We didn’t see much more than Salalah so I didn’t have much to report other than the nice, desolate beaches. We saw more in two days in Mumbai than we did in the three weeks in Salalah!

  5. haha! and this picture doesn’t even count the 100s of bloody fishing boats either! Ah, what fond memories! Miss you all already! 🙂 xx

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