Electronics And Fishing

It’s been a while since we gave you a progress update; for the last few weeks you’ve been hearing from some of the Vasco Da Gama participants and getting to know the different people taking part in the rally that takes us 4,500 miles from Turkey to India.

There’s been a reason for this staggered narrative though: we’re passing through some of the most dangerous waters in the world. Piracy has been a growing concern in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. British sailing couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler of the sailing boat ‘Lyn Rival’, previous Vasco Da Gama rally participants, are still being held hostage in Somalia at the time of publication. The threat of piracy is very, very real so we are avoiding publishing our exact whereabouts, hence the scheduled podcasts.

Right, on with the programme. In this podcast we return to the waters and continue our progress from Egypt southwards down the Red Sea. Bored on a night watch, Jamie talks us through the boat’s electronic navigation system. In particular he explains the phenomenon of tide and current, which will become more relevant as we attempt to leave the Red Sea later on in the series.

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3 Comments on “Electronics And Fishing”

  1. I love the fact Esper has now been modified to the status a ” ship” by Jamie. Do you just add weight or what is the method used.

  2. what on earth is a ‘windometer’?!!!! i think you’ll find its proper name is an anemometer.
    yours pedantically…f xxxx

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