The Skipper Washes His Underpants

Reading Harry Potter

Reading Harry Potter

The days have now become indistinguishable, with each day passing very quickly. It doesn’t take much to amuse oneself, sunbathing, the odd nap, reading, playing with the fishing line or playing a round of yahtze, which has become the boat’s official game. Even watching the odd seagull (a very rare sight) gliding across the waves can entertain for 10 minutes or so. If all else fails then a good old Essex-style dissing session with Dobby always does the trick.

zzThere were no real highlights today, aside from Simon washing his underpants, though we do have a new crisis to add to the list – the house batteries are not charging properly. Oh, and the water filter isn’t producing its optimum amount of clean water either. As you can see, so far all these little problems we encounter on a daily basis have had no impact on morale. Yet.

zzzTimmy Two, by the way, is still alive.

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