It’s Official: I’m A Deep Sea Fisherman

12Made my managerial debut today by catching my first dorado. When I say ‘catch’ I mean I chose the lure, cast the line, caught the fish, killed it, cleaned it, cooked it and consumed it. Actually when I say ‘cooked it’ that’s not strictly true since I cut it up into small strips, marinated it in lemon juice and ate it raw. Delicious!


Jamie checks his armpits before the party

My old friend the moon was out tonight. This is the first time I have sailed by moonlight on this trip and I forgot how beautiful it is. With the waves crawling underneath us the moon lit the sea like a garden, with the waves making a rolling staircase dropping down into a garden on the horizon. Watching the stars has been great fun over the last week or so but one can’t beat the moonlight for sheer brilliance and magic.

Video Clip: Middle of the Atlantic

This clip was taken when we had reached exactly half-way across the Atlantic Ocean. The sunset was incredible and I was completely blown away by the idea of being as far away from land as I’d ever been in my life. This is apparent in my bumbling, nervous commentary.

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