The Kids Of Massawa, Eritrea

Welcome to the second poorest country in the world…

Considering Eritrea is so poor it certainly has much going for it! It is clean, extremely friendly, diverse in its nature, the women aren’t oppressed and the bars even serve Eritrea’s own cheap beer! In the next few blog entries we have photographs covering a whole range of subjects, but I’ll start with the kids. The kids of Massawa to be exact.

Within the first afternoon of dropping the hook we hopped on a local bus and made our way to the market.

Imagine being greeted by this:

This group of kids was hanging out by a shop that sold odds and ends owned by this lady:

As soon as I hauled my camera out the bag the kids were striking a pose! In no particular order here are a bunch of portraits a I took, all within just a few minutes. My apologies for the large amount of images but I love every single one of these.

We then made our way through the backsteets of Massawa from the market back to the anchorage.

And came across another group of kids, playing gangsta…

Gangsta Kids

We needed a rest. There was a hotel near-by and we stopped off for a beer and it was here that we met some interesting people. One was a famous Egyptian, though quite why he was famous we don’t know (he’s the young man in the following pictures). We met two of the most beautiful Somalian refugees, and we met a local old boy who the Egyptian befriended. Actually the Egyptian befriended the Somali girls and the local kids too! He makes a brief appearance in one of our podcasts, published next month, called ‘Africa Africa Africa!’.

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21 thoughts on “The Kids Of Massawa, Eritrea”

  1. Eritrea, a country located in the horn of Africa. My country is so beautiful and full of diversity and culture. I’m in love with the gorgeous and kindhearted people. Eritrea 🇪🇷

  2. I am so happy to see these joyful children or kids of Massawa. I myself was born and raised in Massawa
    city, that is my beloved country.
    I appreciate for your great job and thank you once again

    1. We loved Massawa, TB, and Asmara. The people were so friendly and welcoming it was disappointing to leave. I hope one day we will return.

  3. Thank you all for your comments, I really do appreciate it. I have to say, Tim, that you have identified two of my fave pics too. They both feature that very pretty girl with the white top and the second one just has so much depth. Look at the body language – she is clearly older than the other four urchins and she is telling them so; the girl in the green top, however, looks up to the girl in the white! Debs of ‘Eeyore’ labeled me The Pied Piper as everywhere I went with my camera I was followed by all the kids of Massawa! Dear me, that day was very special. Simon, look out for today’s photographs of Massawa Town.

  4. My goodness me! What utterly fantastic portraits, they cheered up my Tuesday with their genuine smiles and their innocent happiness – fifth from last reminded me of our childhood, you don’t see that anymore in our Nanny Society. Pictures 6 and 16 are my favourites!

  5. Hi Jamie

    What wonderful photos – the children do look happy and healthy – not like our obese pasty kids here in the UK. A lesson learned perhaps. Should be twinned with Harlow! Ha!

    Do keep the photos coming.

    A Chris

  6. Hi Liz and Jamie!!!!I did not think about that you would sail far too much from Fethiye. You are absouletly travelling around the world. This more than holiday. Something like discovering and facing the truth of life (poor/rich).I hope we meet again. Best wishes from Murat and Zeynep (as you can remember we married 31.08.09.)


  7. Hi Jamie and Liz, just fantastic photos. Captured the joy of these children, they have such beautiful bright eyes. I will show them to the students at school this week. Love Suzie

  8. Thank you for sharing the pictures of these beautiful children with us. They look reasuringly happy and healthy.
    Thank you for keeping us with you on the Rally.
    Eeyore’s Dad and Mum

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