Massawa Town In Photographs

You’ve met the Kids of Massawa, now see the rest of it. In this series of images I’ve attempted to capture the diversity of this wonderful town.

Local boys relax at a tea shop in front of the bullet-ridden old bank

In no particular order, then, come visit Massawa.

One afternoon I went for a walk with my camera and came across this square…

One can’t really see them in that shot but to the right of that square was a group of ladies sitting down an alley, combing each other’s hair and making coffee whilst tending to their kids playing in the dirt. Rather than shy away from my camera they instead invited me to join them for a cup of coffee. They pulled up a chair for me and for the next hour, which is the length of time it took to roast, grind and brew the coffee, I sat with them and chatted. What a nice random thing to happen!

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6 thoughts on “Massawa Town In Photographs”

  1. connie Lockwood

    Very sobering images Jamie. Immensely beautiful yet heart-grabbing, gor me at least. The contrasts you achieve are very special too! I am glad you can experience such an incredible slice of humanity and keep it great perspective. I love your photography more with each image I study. May I enquire about your camera(s)? The colour and size of field always amaze me in terms of their clarity. BAVO!! Thanks again for sharing . . . it’s like National Geographic! LOL! 😀

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