Suntan Lotion Is There For A Reason

After a claustrophobic night in the bow Cabin, I woke up tired and grumpy, but glad to see we were already sailing onto our next destination. Perfect sailing weather, the sun beamed and the wind blew as the waves grew. We moored up at Catal Ada for lunch, a beautiful idyllic spot where everyone had a dip in the sea.

After our sandwiches and doggy bag of baklava (from last night) we sailed into the main bay of Gümüslük. This was my favourite part of Turkey, not too westernised and not too dirty, the word “Bohemian” kept springing to mind.

We had yet another lovely meal tonight, this time at Jamie’s friend’s restaurant (it seems as if Jamie knows all the locals!) The best part of the evening was sitting in the chill out area after dinner…comfy cushions, an open fire and a drink under a large fig tree (This is what Turkey’s all about!!!)

Tried a different bed tonight…top bunk in the starboard bow. I had to wedge my feet in a hole to prevent myself from falling out. But I did have a better nights sleep though.

Sailing Advise Number 4: At sea in Turkey the sun is hot, it burns, did you know that? Yes, I did as well, and yet I stupidly did not cover my back with sun cream today. Two weeks on and my back still kills. SO WEAR SUN BLOCK!

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