Winking Fish

mumhelmSet sail today…Wahoo! We all stuck into our roles quickly…Rachel “The Log Inputter”; Mum “The Rope Feeder”; Dad “The Main Sheet Puller”; Jamie “The Captain” and Me “The Wincher”. (Although, I’m so used to easy living in London, I could hardly do anything). It felt good riding the waves once again and I was impressed with Rachel who has a fear of the sea…she was not sick (Probably because she was concentrating so hard not to be).

By late afternoon we moored up to a buoy in Ortakent and I tried snorkelling for the first time; it was amazing seeing the seabed thirty foot below and little fishes swimming underneath me. I then knew what to have for my evening meal!

What is it about dads and WD40?
What is it about dads and WD40?

scrabblerachA short dingy ride took us to a hotel restaurant in Ortakent where we were welcomed by a clowder of cats (that’s the collective noun…I fank you). Luckily my family are big cat lovers (that’s not to say we love big cats like lions and tigers, but our love of cats in general is big). I was more than happy to share my fish supper with our new feline friends because when I cut into my battered fish, its eye winked at me through the crispy oil. I almost lost my appetite…but then the Baklavas came out (Sickly, Sticky “Naughty but Nice” honey, fig and pastry dessert. Yum (sick) Yum!

Sailing Advice Number 3: Got stung by a bee on my foot today, it hurt, so always spray yourself with Insect Repellent. P.S. vinegar enhances the pain and sea salt reduces the pain. My foot felt like a Walkers crisp!

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