Star Gazing

chrismeAside from the emergency night sail Liz and I had to do a couple of months ago, this was the first time I had been night sailing in ages. Forgot how much I loved it! Chris and Ethan had a great time too and I even tried leaving them to it on the helm whilst I tried to get some shut-eye, but I couldn’t sleep so all three of us stayed up for the entire journey.

Just as I had planned we approached Datcha as the sun was coming up and dropped anchor just outside the town. We celebrated with a beer and a cigar, and then spent the next 20 minutes taking about five thousand photographs of the risingsun, because it was absolutely incredible! Check the gallery out for the new pictures!

Datca town is a dump. Don’t bother with it. It plays shit music in rubbish bars and the high street is just full of tourist shops selling over-priced backgammon boards. The people were friendly enough, of course, but it’s a non-place if you know what I mean.

NB. Liz and Jamie visited Datca in 2007 and loved it. Just shows you that you shouldn’t judge on first appearances!

This time it's a sunrise, across the Datcha sea

This time it's a sunrise, across the Datcha sea

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