Preparing For A Big Fishing Trip

We love fishing

We love fishing

Bought some fishing gear!

I figured this was the trip where I catch some prize fish with all my own equipment. This was where I prove how good a fisherman I am. This was the one trip when I finally catch THE one I’ve been looking for. I’ve caught some acceptable ones in the past but THIS trip I was gonna show the world how it was done. Watch this space…..

We scrubbed the fully teaked decks and rewarded ourselves with plenty more alcohol. Stupid not to really.

Next day we got the boat in the water and we were off! With a WNW 3-4 we sailed for a short while and then motor sailed into the night. Bizarely I started to feel a little sea-sick. Sea sick? Me? I don’t get sea sick. I blamed it on the motion of the Malo but I reckon it was that cheap Portuguese beer. Obviously.

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