Leaving Las Palmas

a8We were delayed by a day due to a rather extensive shopping trip (a grand total of 1200 Euros!) and the fact that Las Palmas had run out of gas canisters, all taken by the ARC entrants no doubt. The weather prediction was good, with NE to NW winds of 4-5 – perfect. However the first evening they had changed and dropped, so we motored for a bit. The first day was fairly uneventful with little to report, other than the fact we were leaving the sh!t-hole that is Las Palmas!

First mate Rich introduces Timmy Two

First mate Rich introduces Timmy Two

We devised a watch system with me partnering up with Rich. Tim was put in charge of the basil plant, bought in Gibraltar, and named Timmy Two. Tim’s mission was to take care of the plant and make it survive the length of the trip. If Tim’s horticultural skills are as good as his culinary skills it’ll be dead in two days.

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