Sky and Telescope Magazine. Does It Exist?



All good except I’m a little tired and it’s my second day of giving up smoking (yes, again). This was made up by the dorado caught by Rich – a smallish female, though enough meat to go round. In fact I even made my first fish-head broth for lunch and then cooked the fillets for dinner, which had been marinating in limejuice and garlic. Although tender and tasty the garlic was overkill, so a note to not add garlic next time.

2210The crew have been subjected to my cooking every day this week so far, due to a lost bet with the skipper that there was no such thing as “Sky and Telescope Magazine” or something. They will continue to be subjected to my cooking for the next seven days, but at least they shall eat basil as Timmy Two is looking perfectly healthy.

331Despite the dorado the highlight of the day was seeing a dolphin showing off by jumping clear out of the water by some feet, pulling off back flips and airs. Amazing.

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