Knickers To You

After refueling and stowing all the crap we’ve bought over the last few months, we left Marmaris Bay one last time. ‘Roam II’ were just ahead and behind us were ‘Stormdodger’ and ‘Rhumb Do’. The four of us would make the first part of this journey as our own little flotilla with the aim of meeting up with the  Vasco Da Gama rally proper in Port Said, Egypt. It’s a really nice thing traveling with a bunch of mates across the eastern Med on a 400nm trip together. With the benefits of VHF, chocolate biscuits, a good weather forecast and buckets of fresh coffee the first day’s motor went without a hitch. I say motor because there was no wind, and the sea was a bit lumpy, left over from the recent weather fronts. Millie in particular was not impressed with the sea state and promptly tucked herself away in Liz’s knicker cupboard. I wish I could do that sometimes. Nothing much to report, really, except that we started recording our next podcast. We’ll put this online as soon as we get a chance!

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