Leaving The Black Hole Of Marmaris

A week ago, when we were supposed to have left for Egypt but couldn’t because of the weather, we were ready to leave. A week later we have a clear window, it’s the night before our departure and I’m running around like a loon, cursing that I need more time. Why the hell didn’t I do an engine check a week before, rather than at the 11th hour when the shops are closing and my electrician is halfway to Istanbul and therefore unable to replace my broken alternator smart charger?

To compound this minor crisis is a real sense of anticipation, nerves, stress and tension. Upon reflection I realise that this is less to do with my mental preparation of the long trip ahead, but at what I am leaving behind. Not for the first time have I questioned whether I should be going ahead with our journey eastwards, leaving behind a family who have in the last 12 months suffered such misfortunes as cancer, separation, operations and redundancy, to name but a few. “Oh god, what a morbid blog you write, Jamie”, I can hear you moan! Sorry, I’ll desist now, I just wanted to get across the issues my mind has been mulling over these last few months whilst slicing my fingers on Jubilee clips, electrocuting myself installing electronics, covering myself in poo cleaning the heads and getting mucky in the bilges, all in the name of ‘boat preparation’.

The other sad thing was that we were leaving behind a whole load of new friends we’d made over the last three years in Turkey. I’d lost count of the amount of leaving drinks we’d had and the number of times we said goodbye to our mates, but it’s still sad to go.  We leave behind some very good and  honest people who we will miss dearly. To those of you who sent us farewell texts and emails, we apologise for not responding as we ran out of credit on our phone and the internet was down. We will miss you!

Right, bollocks to all that, we’re off and we’re heading to Egypt, non-stop! Let’s get outta here!

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3 Comments on “Leaving The Black Hole Of Marmaris”

  1. Dear adventurers ! It’s so good to hear you’re finally embarking in your long-awaited and spoken of journey. May the wind be strong but gentle and kind in your sails ! I will always look forward to your news, the wonderful, the tragic, the comic and the ironic. Vince and I are leaving behind the Med as well… heading towards much wetter and colder shores. Life in Brussels (aaarghh) will commence on Dec. 1. Stay happy, hugs to Millie !

  2. We wish you fair winds anad luck, stay in the safe corridor going through the southern Red Sea dont miss Aden or Oman, Cocos Keeling is great and are you coming to Perth, we would love to see you again and there are plenty of beds available. We still habe the lat longs for the safe passage if you need them. Good luck. 😉

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