Join FTBMates (our private members club)!

Ahoy shipmates!

FTBMates, our unique and exclusive new membership club, is the best way to stay in touch with us. We’ve spent months putting it together because so many of you do not like Patreon, but still want to support us regularly and receive the benefits and rewards offered there in the past.

FTBMates is the number one place to talk to us and to each other.

We made this private video for Patrons, which goes some way to explaining what it’s all about…

Patrons get benefits and access to their equivalent FTBMates tier as soon as they register.

The introduction of our Q&A forum is a big step up from Patreon, as it will let us build stronger ties with you and give you the opportunity to make friends with each other too.

Benefits include:

Your name in our roll call on FTB YouTube episodes
Early-bird FTB YouTube videos
Posting and commenting in our Q&A forum
Entry into the monthly prize draw
FTB Merch discount
Free hi-res images
VIP Mates-only videos
VIP Premium content
FTB Dog-tag with unique number
FTBMates mug
FTBMates hat
FTBMates t-shirt
FTBMates hoodie
FTB personal video

Click here to see benefits and tier levels.

From now we will be announcing our news first on FTBMates, and it’s where we will be posting our most exclusive content. It’s also where we will be inviting you to come on board SY Esper with us – no strings attached and no ‘goals’, which means we can start as soon as we’re ready and every FTBMate will have the opportunity to apply.

If you decide to join us, there are a few things you will have to do (it takes less than 5 minutes):

  1. Select your tier level
  2. Choose your own username (make it simple to remember, you can choose a different display name once signed up)
  3. Choose a secure password.
  4. Fill in the personal and payment details (secured with PayPal or Stripe)
  5. You’re in!

Now there are a couple more things to get started:

  1. Click ‘My Home’
    (‘My Home’ is under ‘Quick Links’ – right-hand column on laptop, at the bottom on smartphones)
  2. To start using the platform you must upload a profile photo
    (Once you’ve uploaded an image and cropped it, click ‘Crop Image’ to save it)
  3. Click ‘Tier Settings’, fill in the details and click ‘Save Profile’
    (This is the important bit!)

That’s it, you’re done! Of course there’s a lot more going on with FTBMates but we won’t bombard you with more guff here.

For now all you need to know is that FTBMates is comprised of two sections:

  1. FTBMates forums, where most of the action happens
  2. My Home, which is where you control your account settings and view activity across FTBMates.

You can find these two links under ‘Quick Links’. There are FAQs in the ‘Start Here’ section if you get stuck.

When you’re ready, let us know a bit more about you in the ‘Introduce Yourself’ forum (also in the ‘Start Here’ section)

If you have any questions use the Troubleshooting forum. We want you to have fun using FTBMates!

Peace and fair winds!

Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx

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