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At a time when factual narratives are a scarcity, we believe that everyone should learn about sailing and travel in an engaging way. With followtheboat there is no fakery, titillation or sensationalism.

Did you know we spend an average of US$500 a month on our output? It’s our fantastic FTBMates who keep us motivated. And in return for their generosity, there are loads of giveaways and cool things like VIP content, Mates-only videos, early access to episodes, monthly prize draw and more.

People from around the world are backing followtheboat through FTBMates and no matter who you are or what you can afford, our content remains FREE. But $2 a month can really help us remain sponsor-free to deliver quality content.

We focus on the truth in our blog and on our sailing channel by interacting with the people we meet in the world’s most remote places, and by tackling the joys and woes of sailing.
We hope you’ll consider helping fund us today because to keep delivering quality work that’s real and original we need your support. Every contribution is valuable to us.

Peace and fair winds

Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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