Jamie Is Awarded LRPS Distinction

I am proud to announce that Jamie was awarded his Licentiateship at the Royal Photographic Society on Saturday and can now put the letters LRPS after his name. He is thrilled that all the hard work and studying he has put in over the last six months has paid off.

Encouraged by a win in the Times newspaper for best travel photograph earlier in the summer he hesitantly put his images onto the appraisal gallery of Amateur Photographer. Some of the senior members of the AP forum suggested he work towards membership of the RPS and it was their words of wisdom and constructive criticism that lead Jamie to assess his own work with a more informed eye. Without the help of Mike and Chris it is unlikely Jamie would have had the confidence to take his images along to the society, so we would like to say a public thanks to both of them for being so generous with their time and knowledge.

The process of selection is tough. Each candidate must submit ten images on a standard A3 card as part of a set. Each image must stand alone as well as forming part of a logical and cohesive set.

Judging is complicated, with points awarded for different aspects of technical achievement. Each image must pass the technical requirements otherwise the whole submission will fail. The panel is made up of five senior — some well known — photographers. Fifty would-be licentiates attended the assessment day on Saturday, each staying to watch in silence as their set was displayed, lit and discussed by the judges in front of everyone. The decision was announced immediately.


Jamie is awarded his Licentiateship distinction from the RPS president, Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS. Source: Lionel Squire ARPS

There is no theme, so candidates make up their own. Jamie played to his strengths with a series of shots from our recent voyage from Turkey to India. He chose his best portrait work (see link below). The judges were delighted with his images and enthusiastically praised his ability to relate so well to his subjects and to bring out their expressions and personalities. They described his as “a budding portrait photographer.”

Jamie was able to stay behind to be presented with his certificate by the president of the society, Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS.

Well done, Jamie, we all knew you had a good eye and now it’s been officially recognised.

To see the ten pictures click here.


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