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It’s been a while since we last posted. Most of our efforts go into our video episodes and these take up more and more of our time as we strive to improve every episode with better editing, videography and story-telling.

Liz, who is now directly involved in the post-production of our videos, is slaving over a $500 dollar laptop barely capable of rending normal video files, let alone the super-high definition GoPro footage. She has the patience of a saint but since we’re now committed to putting out at least two episodes a month, almost half our time is spent on the laptop, trawling through hours of footage and finding the right music for to suit the difference scenes. We think each episode is better than the last and with Liz helping with the editing we’re finding new techniques and new angles to keep the momentum going.

Every episode now takes around a week to put together. Were it not for the support from our Patreons our video output wouldn’t be so frequent, but we love what we do, have loads of video footage to share, enjoy the creative process and get a real kick knowing that people out there enjoy sharing followtheboat’s adventures. We were pretty stoked to have received this quote from youtube subscriber Patrick Tremblay on our latest episode:

Breathtaking views and superb montage. It is because of channels like yours that I haven’t watched TV in the last year… Great job!

Our videos receive growing support from the general public through our Patreon page. We reward our supporters on Patreon with exclusive offers, first-look videos and other incentives. Our sailing videos are free but if you like our channel, love our output and want to show some appreciation, we’d be so happy if you could help out. It would mean so much to us and you can do it for as little as $2 a month.

In this clip we show you our Patreon 300 t-shirt, which was designed specifically for all our Patreon supporters when we hit $300. We have another, exclusively designed t-shirt when we hit $800. At $500 YOU get to decide on the prize and we’re just $33 away from that target. When we hit $1000 you’re in with a chance of sailing with us aboard Esper!

(Click here if you can’t see the embedded video)

Our next Patreon-only video answers a number of questions our Patreons put to us regarding our extensive refit. We finish that clip with the question everyone has been asking: exactly how much did our refit cost? This video will remain private for the time being so if you’re interested in learning a bit more about our refit, from osmosis treatment to navigation equipment to costs, feel free to swing by our Patreon page and sign up.

If you missed the episode Patrick is referring to, check it out here ( It’s a cracker where we cruise around prehistoric Phang Na bay and venture into a bat cave and out into a hong. It’s also Liz’s first full episode edited by herself. She’s got talent (and an ear for great music).

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