Esper Refit 53-55 – Esper Launches!

Finally, after one year and one month in the yard, Esper launches!

Photo: Julie Ah Sen

Photo: Julie Ah Sen

Obviously a frantic build-up to the big day, which was hampered by many fishing boats coming into the yard at the last minute, Chinese New Year, problems with electrics and too many other things to mention.

Esper on the hard at PSS with the moon behind

Esper on the hard at PSS with the moon behind

Video Update

All the action is caught on the final refit video, which you can find here:

Esper, Oyster 435 refit complete

Matching dinghy and paint job

Matching dinghy and paint job

Celebrating at anchor

Celebrating at anchor

What’s Next?

Nothing, we’re done.

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24 Comments on “Esper Refit 53-55 – Esper Launches!”

  1. Brilliant! I was so engrossed with that video I could almost feel the warmth of the sun  and the sense usual nerves at launching! Glad it all went so smoothly for you both.

    Fair winds.

  2. Amazing and congrats. When we can find a place to have a drink here in the Maldives we will have a toast to your success and the next adventure onboard. By the way loved the music at the end. No credits? Who is it?

    1. Hi Tony. The track is a Tamil song that features in a Tollywood film called Easan. I forget the name of the track but I credit it in the youtube description. Worth watching the official video to it, it’s a powerful song.

      I trust you are enjoying the Maldives. We loved it there. Love to Connie.

    1. Cheers Matt, it was a long, hard slog to get back on the water. We’re exhausted but elated.

  3. Great news! Looking good. Love Al’s painting by the way. You didn’t mention in the video how many extra cats you have now…?!

    1. If I’d had my way, Kat, there would have been another five, but sense (Jamie) prevailed and Millie is once again Queen of the Boat and loving it. Al’s painting has been with us right from the start, glad you like it!

  4. Happy Splashing! A year and a month is more than I could take in a boatyard – Tony on Sage kept on saying he owes me a beer ‘cos of you – any idea why?

    Regards to Millie the Queen and Liz.

    Sam on “Ramprasad”

    1. Hi Sam, great to hear from you. Yes, 13 months was too long but it’s a pleasant yard as boat yards go. I seem to remember Tony getting in touch to say he saw you at anchor and recognised Ramprasad from our blog. I think he was trying to scab a free beer off you under the pretence that he knew of you through me. Clearly this backfired as he now owes you a beer! No, I don’t understand either.

  5. Congrats to you both, that is a LONG time at PSS. Often wondered how you were going with the puss cats!!! loved the video. Now sit back and enjoy.

    1. Cheers, Gav. Sailing is expected to begin in the next week or so. In the meantime we have a few ‘teething problems’ to sort out. Wishing the Paisley clan well.

  6. Hello, Annie and I are catching up! She also asked about the cats – all I could think about during the launch was that aerial shot and you probably hoping it was working and getting the footage back for editing. Great update!

    Love A&T

  7. Hi and thanks for your blog!

    Once in your videos you promised info about your budget and costs for the refit. It would be so interesting hear about that? I have looked but not found anything?


    1. Hi Johan, thanks for the message. We give a complete breakdown of all costs in a 45 minute video. It’s available to all Patreons so if you like what we do, get on board and you’ll get access to a clip of us talking about every aspect of the refit, including a summary of the costs involved.

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