Esper Refit 36 – basic boat wiring schematic; Maxprop grease nipple; torlon cutlass bearing

Torlon cutlass bearing

It’s a short one this week since it was Eid and our workers took most of the week off. All except Nut, that is. He’s made real progress with the mains/charging circuit.

Weekly Video Round-Up

Another short one since the workers had a week off. We take a look at some basic boat charging circuits and lay some more butyl tape, this time in white.

Drive Shaft

The shaft was put back this week. We’ve had two grease nipples tapped into the Maxprop, which will allow us to grease the inside gears without taking it apart.

Three blade Maxprop with grease nipples

Also fitted is our new cutlass bearing made of Torlon.

Torlon cutlass bearing

Basic Boat Wiring Diagram

Last year when I ran into charging issues I was approached by YBW forum member, pvb, who offered me this basic wiring schematic.

Basic boat wiring diagram

We’ve been following it and it’s proving nice and simple. The electricians have been following it to a T, including the insertion of the 250amp fuses.

Saying goodbye to the two Phils

Phil of Nom De Plume and Phil of Big Bandicoot left this week. Two Aussies with big personalities and big boats.

Big Bandicoot catamaran

Playing With More Butyl Tape

We managed to get hold of some white butyl tape in the end so Ton and I began bedding down the starboard deck fittings. The genoa track took a whole morning, but it must contain around 30 bolts and bedding it down with Sika would have been no less problematic.

Butyl tape on deck fittings

White butyl tape used on the deck fittings

The Slip

Hanging out by the slip

My New Home

Finally, this is my new home. I have yet to move in as it’s still being built, so I’m kipping down in the shop next door.

Shop front, Chebilang

What’s Next?

More of the same with regards the deck fittings. However I reckon we’ll see our mains circuit system up and running.

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4 Comments on “Esper Refit 36 – basic boat wiring schematic; Maxprop grease nipple; torlon cutlass bearing”

  1. Hi Liz,

    I assume you’ll be heading to Papua New Guinea after the refitting is complete. We at the PNG Tourism are potimistic about developing Yacht Sailing and would love to hear from you what sort of facilities or activities yachties are looking for.


    1. Hi Heni,

      Back in UK and just seen this… Huge apologies for the delay in replying. Will email you next week. All the best, Liz

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