Do-Gooders plc

Marmaris Yacht Marina Liveaboards

Marmaris Yacht Marina Liveaboards

It was only a matter of time before our claustrophobic and self-absorbed lifestyle would come to a head. For us stuck in the marina it was going to go one of two ways: go totally self destructive or get off our arses and do something constructive. At the rate we were drinking and partying we were both seriously on a road to burn-out with sudden self-combustion on the pontoon the final step to oblivion.

It’s a dangerous thing, this marina lifestyle. One arrives with a sense of objection, not wanting to get sucked into the trappings of the comfortable and friendly society that exists here, but instead vowing to go off for winter day sails and mentally planning the odd weekend in empty anchorages. But with a heavy dose of bad weather come the excuses and if before you know it you’re getting comfortable in the bar rather than behind the helm.

So a chance meeting with one man and his boat changed everything. It changed our future plans as sailors. It created a crossroads at which we would normally have gone one way, but have chosen to go the other. You know what I mean: one of those rare occasions which you look back on as being a significant moment in your life. Don’t ever tell me it’s ‘fate’ or ‘synchronicity’, mind, cos it’s just timing, but we needed to do this. Not for the sanity of ourselves but for the ‘small’ people around the world.

Do-Gooders plc was formed many years ago by a certain Greenpeace skipper. Of course it’s not really a company, but a term he created to describe the work that people around the world do for the good of others. Members of Do-Gooders plc are frequently active, rarely thanked……..and always criticised.

Do-Gooders plc Marmaris Branch organised two events this winter. The first was an innocent Winter Charity Pool Tournament.
The second was much, much bigger………

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Mind you, if there is one thing us yotties can do well, it’s party (though our sailing skills are questionable). Liz summarises the remainder of the year through the eyes of a barfly, including dressing up as zombies, hippies and singing badly every Friday night.

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