Fantastic Turkish Breakfast!

Source: M&L Furlong

Source: M&L Furlong

We awoke to the sound of preparation for getting under way. The Skipper and First Mate were determined to take us for a “fantastic Turkish breakfast” across Marmaris Bay. We dropped anchor at “Orange”. Lesley opted to swim to shore whilst we motored in the orange blancmange. We bagged sun loungers in true Germanic style by leaving our towels out and sat at a table in the shade on the decking, facing out into the bay. No word had been spoken but suddenly food started appearing in large quantity. Suffice to say there was enough to satisfy all of us.

This was followed by a quick dip in the sea before backgammon in the sun, which soon became too much to bear.

Backgammon on Orange Bar beach Source: M&L Furlong

Backgammon on Orange Bar beach. Source: M&L Furlong

Meantime Liz continued threading beads for yet more necklaces. Around noon we made tracks and this time Liz opted to swim back to Esper. We motored to the Marina which was just metres away and found ourselves back at the exact same spot as when we arrived on Day 1. After a quick shower, we wandered down to the office where we met up with our fellow travellers (The Hawkins family who have already sailed all the way from Australia, via the Red Sea on their global circum-navigation) and with whom we were sharing a taxi to the airport.

We thanked Jamie & Liz very much for hosting a wonderful week, not knowing when we would next see them.

Source: M&L Furlong

Source: M&L Furlong

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