Some Friends Will Resent Your Travel Lifestyle

[S03E14] We put our cards on the table in this episode and talk about the friends we have lost over the years because of our decision to live on a boat and travel. And we are not the only ones this has happened to…

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Go straight to the bit you fancy hearing most using these time codes:
00:00 What are YOUR Top 15 objects for boat life?
01:30 We are chatting in REAL-TIME
04:27 Where are we?
06:25 What is ‘Home’? Pt 1 (Your comments)
07:55 Would you buy a Nauticat or a Lagoon?
10:34 Definitions of ‘Home’ Pt 2
18:08 What is SSB? Should all boats have one?
25:26 When do you use the Q Flag?
28:54 Two corrections and apologies
30:23 The reason AIS and RADAR are important
33:20 Does it matter if secret places develop?
37:20 Why are we going to Indonesia?
39:05 The tourism industry is devastated in SE Asia
42:18 Hello to our Sabahan friends!

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