We Made It To Indonesia, but…

…the first week was a series of delays, boat repairs, and storms! This incredible country has put us through some tests since we arrived, but the good news is that we’re still smiling and loving it here. Can’t wait to show you some of the beautiful places and people we have encountered since our arrival.

Still unsure if we would be given leave to enter, we arrived at Nunukan, Indonesia. After five days of isolation and quarantine, our paperwork was accepted and we were in! Boat maintenance rumbled on, Jamie grumbled on about the failing fridge and really rubbish B&G service. Then 35kts of wind and breaking waves in the dark had two boats dragging anchor and shooting off into the night…

We Made It To Indonesia, but...

Chapters in this latest video:

  • The storm to come
  • Arrival Indonesia (5 days of quarantine)
  • Fridge repair
  • B&G is CRAP!
  • Still not allowed off the boat
  • Start of our Indonesia adventure
  • Navigating the most fishing nets we have EVER SEEN!
  • Anchored in a NIGHT STORM

In the meantime, this is us beginning to de-stress as Indonesia decides to allow us into the country for six months. Let the adventure begin…

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