Indonesia Won’t Let Us In (Now What?)

Indonesia won't let us in

The situation is out of control, it’s out the window. We have checked out of Malaysia, but we can’t check into Indonesia for over a thousand miles. Does this mean we turn round and try the Philippines?

With frayed nerves, we set sail to Nunukan, the closest port of entry in Kalimantan.

All we had was hope and a few faded promises.

Malaysia Kicked Us Out

The episode does not have too much footage of Tawau because our entire time there was taken up with worry and doubt, so the last thing we felt like doing was filming our predicament.

But we captured Jamie’s intrepid search for fuel, and filmed the whole trip to Nunukan through some very strange and shallow reefs:

  • Stuck in No Man’s Land
  • What are our options?
  • Preparing herbs for passage
  • Checking out of Malaysia
  • Finding fuel (diesel) for our sailboat
  • Heading to Indonesia with hope
  • Negotiating shallow reefs
  • Arriving Nunakan (Now what?)

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