What does “Home” mean to you?

[S03E13] “Why not sail back to the UK to see family?” Lots of people ask us this question, so we explain the reason why we don’t do it here. And we discuss what home means to us.

Go straight to the bit you fancy most using these time codes:
00:00 Can we sail back “home” to the UK?
05:35 How to find out where we are
09:11 Extending visas has been stressful
12:51 Malaysia has lost the faith of many cruisers
16:57 Nowhere to go was the cause of high anxiety in Tawau
19:16 YOUR COMMENTS: Should we keep remote places secret?
27:55 The stunning scenery of Sulawesi and northeast Borneo
28:51 How can Liz stay on the boat for 30 days straight
31:43 YOUR STORIES: How old are new sailors?

Episode 297 “Kicked Out (And Nowhere To Go)”

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