If You Had A Sailboat Where Would You Go?

[S03E12] If you had a sailboat and were about to set off on passage, how would you determine the route and destination? How do you know where to go and what affects your decision?
In “WTF was that noise”, we still need YOUR help. No-one has come up with the definitive explanation…yet
DISCUSSION: Should spectacular remote destinations we visit like BohayDulang, Anambas and Mentawai Islands be developed for tourism? What do YOU think?

Go straight to the bit you fancy most using these time codes:
00:00 What is Tolitoli coffee?
03:19 WTF was that noise?
06:20 DISCUSSION: Should remote beauty spots be developed?
12:45 ColRegs and lights discussion – cont
13:58 How do we decide where to go next?
34:18 Welcome to new boaters and cruisers!
38:39 Shout Out to our RUM FUNDERS!

Videos referenced in this episode:
Ep 295 “WTF Is That Loud Noise”
Ep 296 “Spectacular Coral Islands”
Passage Planning to Japan

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