Why Does No-One Come Here?

why does no-one come here

This is the most beautiful sailing ground we’ve ever found, but why does no-one sail here?

The problems can only be resolved politically. But until Malaysia and the Philippines make the area safe, it will remain an untouched gem.

A quick play around Google Earth will show you just how stunning these islands and atolls are, and you’ll see why they got us thinking. We know people in Sabah who would love to clear up the political and terrorist mess so that mariners can start using these waters without fear.

But will it ever happen? If it does, you can bet we’ll be back!

Why Does No-One Come Here?

In this week’s video, we leave Tambisan on the eastern point of Sabah to sail south to Bohay Dulang via Tengku. We encounter strong currents and lost lures.

But on the plus side, we have a great sail and Liz catches a mackerel!

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