We’ll send a hand-written postcard to anywhere in the world for our favourite answer!

Funniest, weirdest, maddest comments below, please, for that hand-written postcard from Millie (with a little help from Liz and Jamie 😉).

Deadline Friday 31st August.

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Results of caption competition #2 to be announced on YouTube, Monday 20th August. (Judging was a little different with this one!)

Peace and fair winds!


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20 Comments on “CAPTION COMPETITION #4”

  1. Ding dong bell pussy in the swell.
    Who put her in?
    Little Lizzy thin.
    Who pulled her out?
    Little Jaime Stout.
    What a naughty girl was that to try to drown poor Millie cat,
    Who never did her any harm but chased up all the mice from Esper’s yard-arm.

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  3. Verbal, “I’m warning you Liz”.
    Thought bubble, ” and I’m gonna FU-up and your going to wish you were overboard!”.

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