Seacocks working? No.
Diesel leak sorted? No.
Dodger finished? No.
Now we’re back on the hard. OH NO!

So before we went back in the water Jamie checked the seacocks, right? Yeah, but one decided to fail while we were in the water. On the bright side, better it fail here than out at sea…

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We reckoned we could replace it in situ, but after a deliberation we decided to replace five of them – all the same age and quality. We really don’t want to be worrying about our seacocks when we’re out in the ocean. So, because we knew it would be a complicated job requiring the removal of skin fittings, it was haul-out time again.

Corroded seacock

Sounds simple, but did we mention that the diesel leak we were so happy to have repaired had come back to bite us in the bum? And there was no fuel in the tanks? This meant being towed to the haul-out crane on the other side of the marina. For the first time ever, we had no control over SY Esper as Riccy and John used their dinghies to get us into the haul-out slip. This was a heart-stopping experience we have no wish to repeat!

Liz comforts Millie as we hang from the crane…again

The dodger is now ready for its canvas, but is the canvas man ready for our dodger?  It’s funny to look back and see how hopeful we were then of a quick out and back in…

We’re really hoping we can get back in the water soon. Please throw some positivity our way, could you? 😊👍

Peace and fair winds!


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  1. Hi
    Just a note to tell you about myself. Retired US Submariner, retired Electrical Engineer, full time cruiser 15 years, built my Corbin 39 in Fl, took five years. Have solo sailed all over the Caribbean from Venezuela, windward and leeward islands, BVI, USVI, DR, PR, Cuba, Mexico and now in Guatemala . Normally say where I’m at for months, buying a motorcycle to get around, now on bike number 32. Life is good.

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