Become a followtheboat video legend!

Become a youtube legend and upload your followtheboat video

If you read our previous blog post, you will know that we have introduced a new ident and theme tune. And if you watched the video, you will have seen a number of “Followtheboat!” vox pops at the end.

Become a youtube legend and upload your followtheboat video

We love meeting a wide variety of people on our travels, and this is a great way for us to remember them. But we would love to meet some of our ‘followers’ too.

So, if you’re happy to appear in a future video episode, please send us your “Followtheboat!” shout out. It’s easy, just take a short clip of you saying/singing/whispering/shouting/signing “Followtheboat!”. It need only be a few seconds long.

If you’re shy, get your mum or friend to do it, or organise your banjo/bridge/conker club to back you up. The more creative the better. While Millie will give preference to clips with cats in, we love all animals, so show us your dog, ferret or newt.

There will be prizes for any clip we use.

Here’s our first video with new ident, theme tune and vox pops at the end…

We’re not asking for a Steven Spielberg production, footage from your phone or tablet will be great. Just don’t forget to shoot the clip in landscape mode!

To upload your video, click here.

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