Back to Pupa – Good Holding, Bad Germans

Where's our boat gone?

Where's our boat gone?

A dragging boat is not a pretty sight, especially when it’s your own. It’s even worse when your outboard has only half the revs it’s supposed to and, like a scene from a Hitchcock thriller, the more you rev, the faster your boat drags. I did eventually get aboard Esper, chucked the cat in a cabin and went about whacking on the engine and taking up the chain. The problem was that I had left Liz ashore so any following action had to be done solo. Hell, I’m surrounded by solo sailors and they do this all the time so a quick hack back round to Pupa, where the holding is like glue, and Esper was safely anchored once more. It was a close one though. Had I not decided to go back to the boat at that moment we could now be sitting in a hotel somewhere filling in insurance forms.

I love the little anchorage area in Pupa. The holding is great, the views are stunning and it’s a top place to watch the sun set. What a shame it is marred by the extremely loud and annoying music from Magic Life, a smart-looking but ultimately sad holiday resort for young Germans.


Jan 2009: I was recently taken to task on this post. By a German. Magic Life, apparently is actually Austrian, not German. My apologies, Carmen!

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