Escape From Eternity

Not wanting to push the boat out (geddit?) we decided to slip the lines from the evil clutches of Marmaris Yacht Marina and make the arduous voyage to Aktas, one mile away.

The marina had treated us well, and we’d treated the marina well too. We’d had fun for the winter period but as I have alluded to before it was starting to wear me down and a fresh break was much needed. My last weekend, however, was marred somewhat by a couple of idiots I met in the bar on Friday. New boat owners hailing from Essex and London they had nothing good to say about the sailing community. Or Turks for that matter. I sat and listened as they slagged off Turkish workers for being lazy, and yotties who help each other only for personal gain. Eh? Anyway, I won’t be so childish as to name names but should you bump into a couple of ignorant dumb-ass idiots with a young family living on a boat called “Z…….”, give me a shout. I’d be interested to know if these people have learned the value of living within such a special community as live-aboard yotties. Prize idiots of the first order.

Farewell to the Black Hole of Marmaris!

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