Are You Fit Enough To Live On A Boat?

[S03E03] Our video podcast series is now in its third week. In this week’s jibber-jabber, we cover (among other things) health and fitness, Liz’s fishing skills, heat exhaustion (or is it just general un-fitness?), dying your hair pink and preparing for a 1500NM sail…

  • Intro – Pinch, punch!
  • Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Last podcast from the marina
  • News on the new lithium batteries
  • Jamie’s Achilles heel
  • Will boat problems delay departure?
  • Cleaning the boat in the tropics
  • Do you suffer from heat exhaustion
  • We’re going to be gorgeous
  • Getting those Indonesian visas
  • Provisioning for the next six weeks
  • Fishing rod and reel prep
  • Is background noise a problem?
  • Talking helps…
  • Should Liz dye her hair pink?
  • We re-name “Nobody46820”
  • What is Liz’s neck charm?
  • Ep 287 – long walk at Sabah Tea Garden
  • Ep 287 – Liz foot update
  • Medical care prices and insurance
  • Young sailors – keep fit and healthy!
  • How to buy Jamie’s full res images
  • We miss animals! But we’re not getting one
  • Jamie’s plans for the rest of the day…

Do you reckon YOU are healthy enough to sail away?

Our no-holds-barred, no-frills podcasts are an unedited look at sailing and travel. They are our way of keeping up with you in as close to real-time as possible. If you have a comment, don’t forget to send us a tweet to @followtheboat on Twitter to get our attention.

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