Hiking Borneo (With a Broken Foot)

Hiking Borneo (With a Broken Foot)

Hiking Kamunsu Hill at the Sabah Tea Resort through an ethereal mist accompanied by nothing but the sounds of insects and birds was a pretty idyllic day…

Hiking Borneo (With a Broken Foot)

Treetops in the morning mist

Hiking Borneo (With a Broken Foot)

Early morning sun piercing the mist

Hiking Borneo (With a Broken Foot)

Tree silhouette with mountains

But the next morning Liz got out of bed and gasped in pain, she couldn’t walk. Had she broken her foot?

What happens if you get injured or have an accident abroad? Does your boat insurance cover you? Or should you take out overseas health insurance? We have basic accident and emergency cover on SY Esper, but on land we’re at the mercy of luck or fate. Or the cost of medical care in the country we happen to be visiting.

Hiking Borneo (With a Broken Foot)

X-rays of Liz’s foot

What do you do when you travel?

It’s not as easy when you are a cruiser because the usual travel insurance doesn’t apply when you live on a boat. We don’t have any kind of health insurance, but should we? The last time we looked at getting cover for just one country, let alone worldwide insurance, the price was over $6k, way beyond our budget.

Hiking Borneo (With a Broken Foot)

Do you have any suggestions for what we should do going forward? And is Covid making it impossible to get health cover?

Watch the full video for plenty more video footage and lots of beautiful stills…

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Peace and fair winds!

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5 Comments on “Hiking Borneo (With a Broken Foot)”

  1. wow, what a wonderful place! I would love to do what you guys are doing, going through such amazing places. I’m a biologist, I live in Brazil and I love being in places full of nature…. In fact, in these places anything can happen. I also broke my foot last year while doing my master’s field research. I spent 2 months using a mobilization and crutches. Anyway, I’m ready for another one and I hope you’re better for more adventures out there!
    Cheers, Beatriz

    1. Thanks, Beatriz. Brazil is on our hit-list, though it could be some time before we make it there! Sorry to hear about your broken foot but we hope it has mended so you can get out there and enjoy more of Brazil’s beautiful nature.

  2. Hello!
    I’m really sorry about what happened with Liz.
    And certainly the issue with medical insurance when traveling is tedious.
    I recently traveled to the United States and had an accident that forced me to go to the emergency room
    I must say that in the end, the bill was totally crazy
    I had bought travel insurance but the conditions in the small print do not cover the most expensive things.
    They should be a little clearer when selling these insurances and also explain better.

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