We’ve got 1500NM to go, but…

1500NM to go

…before we cast off the lines there are just one or two jobs we need to attend to…

Every cruiser has niggling boat repair and maintenance projects which they can live with while they’re getting on with life, but when you’re about to make a long passage to a new country, you need to attend to every one of them.

And, yes, you heard correctly, the countdown has begun towards our next destination.

We are heading to a brand new place in Indonesia, but will not be revealing where that is until we arrive there.

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1500NM to go

As you can imagine, after all this time “stuck” in Sabah we are beyond excited about the prospect of spreading our wings.

But for now, it’s back to those jobs: AIS and VHF not working properly, the bilges are full of water, the flexible coupling has failed, the galley needs a re-model, and isn’t it about time we had a look at that heads floor which is falling apart? Oh dear, that means trips up both masts for Jamie.

Thank you for your interest in our journey as we sail and travel this beautiful Earth.

Watch the full video for plenty more video footage and lots of beautiful stills…

Peace and fair winds from a very excited SY Esper crew!
Liz and Jamie xx

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