8000 Miles in 36 Hours

8000 Miles in 36 Hours

Yes, in our latest instalment we’re being battered by storms yet again in Sulawesi.

But not before we relax with the friendliest dolphins, take in the incredibly stunning coastal views and get the sails out. Then, as the visibility disappeared, and while we were getting ready to drop the anchor, the wind topped 48 knots. It’s always interesting to sail in Sulawesi…

8000 Miles in 36 Hours

Episode highlights:

  • “Get back!”
  • Sailing to the next stunning anchorage
  • Dolphin endorphins
  • Hit by the fiercest squall yet
  • Where the HELL ARE WE?
  • Welcome to Audley End House

Don’t forget, folks: endorphins are released during pleasurable activities such as dancing, sailing and eating. They help relieve pain, reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being, just like dolphins!

We finish this part one of our adventure from Sabah to Lombok in the UK, 8000 Miles in 36 Hours!

After four years, we’ve finally made it back to catch up with family and friends.

You can watch the full video here…

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