Sailboat Engine Fail | Could We Have Done Better?

This week’s episode on YouTube is a magazine of stories. We move from the UK to Mallorca and back to Sulawesi.

Liz spent a long weekend weaving her way through the alleyways of Palma, Mallorca where her brother lives…

The fortress of La Almudaina
La Almudaina

Palma’s old town is a maze of medieval streets housing an eclectic mix of architectural treasures. With foreign investment over the last 50 years, it has become one of the best preserved old quarters in Europe. Around any corner is another vintage mansion, a quiet plaça, a shady colonnade or sympathetic modern building, art galleries and museums, some with paved courtyards and many with elegant entrances.

Architectural detail infrared

While Liz visited her brother, Jamie stayed with his parents in Essex, where he went for country walks and found a new love, infrared photography.

Sailboat Engine Fail | Could We Have Done Better

Back in Sulawesi, on our long trip from Tolitoli to Lombok, we added 80 litres of fuel to Esper’s tanks and ran the engine for an hour when we left the anchorage. But it cut out, and we were forced to tack back to safety…

Help is at hand

Sailboat engine failure in remote places is one of our biggest fears. In this case, help was at hand…

Watch the full video here…

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2 thoughts on “Sailboat Engine Fail | Could We Have Done Better?”


    Hello, you tow, well I have not written for some time , sorry I did take ‘Sea Room across the Pacific and loved it but one big think I missed was companionship , I should have thought of that .
    She was fine a few scary times but that is to be expected I suppose , but no she worked well no big rigging problems but she needs a new one now.
    Back in the UK LIKING MY WOUNDS…
    I do hope that you are both very well and all my love

    James xx

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