Enkhuizen Museum

Rain, rain and rain. Thunderstorms and lightning. This appears to be the weather for this trip.


Enkhuizen boasts a fascinating museum and model village. Unfortunately all the museum plaques are in Dutch but the village is amazing. When I say model village I don’t mean Legoland. Each building is genuinely ancient, moved from a random location across the Netherlands to Enkhuizen as an example of traditional architecture. I believe this even includes the church, which was moved, brick by brick to its current location. So all the buildings are traditionally Dutch and the people who ‘live’ in this village are dressed in traditional costume and act out traditional roles, from the blacksmith bellowing his furnace to the carpenter working his lathe.

All the while, however, the sky was painting some really moody cloudscapes, with some incredible storms brewing from west to east. It slashed it down all the way to Monnickendam and continued the whole night.

We rounded the evening off with a Chinese, which in my opinion was excellent. Unfortunately it wasn’t an English Chinese so the lack of monosodium glutamate had the oldies declaring it as “foreign muck”. You have to laugh.

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