World’s Most Clichéd Shot, In HDR

My Pic of the Day is a shot everyone is familiar with. Next week our blog takes you to the Taj Mahal so in anticipation I thought I’d post up this classic image given some HDR treatment.

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11 Comments on “World’s Most Clichéd Shot, In HDR”

    1. One of? I haven’t seen anywhere as beautiful… yet. I almost cried when I saw it, and I’d already seen it before. Blissful.

  1. milly wants to know were you are. shes fine, has her own umbrella
    kindly provided by nassar .because its two days of rain and half a day of sun.all well at marina

  2. Beautiful, Jamie – it hardly looks like a photograph – more like a fine painting with the overlays you used. I am intrigued by the waterway, right down the centre is a reflection of a tall thin pillar which is not to be seen anywhere else. Ha! I just worked it out…. Lots of little uns with their reflections making it look like one. Of course!

    1. Yes, June, that’s one of the effects of HDR, often referred to as ‘painterly’. HDR in the past has always been quite harsh and cartoon-like but I tend to go for this dreamy effect instead. You can tell it’s a photo but it has that slightly ethereal quality about it, which works well for the Taj.

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