Which of these boats could you live on?

What makes a good liveaboard cruiser boat?

If you were going to live on a boat, what boat should you buy? Which sailboat ticks all the boxes, or is it a case of ‘horses for courses’?

While we were in Krabi Boat Lagoon, four of the boats had a mini race in the mangroves. It was a great opportunity to see these sailboats in action on the water, and to discuss their merits as liveaboard world cruisers.

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Jamie and Mark Jones of SY Cuppateea (moored in the marina) run through each of the boats in question, looking at their sailability and liveaboard potential.

These are the boats:

“Jade Princess” Hans Christian, Traditional Cutter 43, 1981

“Isabella” Bavaria 46, J&J 2006

“Mas Alegra” Standfast 40, Frans Maas 1973

“IFAFA” Bowman Prestige 39 Superstar, Sparkman & Stephens 1978

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Racing in the mangroves

Let us know which of these four boats you like best and why. Or tell us about your idea of a great liveaboard sailboat.

Peace and fair winds!


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