They’re Still Dreamin’

Meet Dan and Mary, a gregarious couple from the Great Lakes. Whilst their boat is called Still Dreamin’ they certainly have their feet firmly on the ground. This is a fascinating profile of the two Americans who are taking part in the Vasco Da Gama rally.

So, are you sitting comfortably? Then take a deep breath…

Dan and Mary of Still Dreamin'

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2 Comments on “They’re Still Dreamin’”

  1. Hi, jamie, Hi Liz,
    I’m again checking how you folks doing as find the time..
    I congradulate Mary Spencer,and Don Webster for their free horizon, free conscious…The name of their yacht explains a lot if they named her themselves..I am still dreaming myself, for a much better ship thats sailing us across the universe,but coming originally from U.S. culture they can spot the world problem easier..A big portion of world problems are created by Americans themselves,and when they find out they made wrong, they say oops sorry, now we do another sillything their way and if it doesnt work out another one…I also admire George Carlin, the Irish American comedian for his freedom of speech,and hitting right on the bush with no hesitation,with his sometimes not so polite attitute..Its nice to hear or meet people with such clear vision of whats happening on earth & speak freely

  2. How refreshing to hear Americans talking so freely about their country from outside looking in-at least they can get a handle on what the rest of us think! Pity we did not hear how they both got into sailing.

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