Cowries, Turtles, Ospreys and Graves!

The moment we stepped ashore on Sadla Island our senses were on fire. Liz stopped there and then, staying put to collect incredible shells. If the Cowrie crew are reading this: you would have been in your element!

First sunset on Esper, taken from Sadla Island

View looking back towards Dudo

The following couple of shots were taken from the dinghy (surprisingly in focus!) as we made our way ashore.  Just look at the colours in that rock!

The rest of us, in walking boots with bins and cameras at the ready, marched on and went to inspect the beach on the east.

There in the sand were many turtle tracks, leading either up to a nesting spot, or away from it back to the sea.

Although we didn’t see any nesting turtles that day we did see two mischievous turtles copulating in the shallow water’s edge!

Here’s a shot of the west side of the island. To put the magnitude of the volcano in perspective, look in the centre of the pic: there’s a group of yotties having a picnic!

Ospreys galore, of course. Ospreys are as common here as sparrows are back in the UK and Sadla Island had a number of nests dotted around the sharp volcanic rock. We climbed up to a few of them and sat next to a disused one. They were enormous and made of some of the strangest objects!

Tony, Fiona and osprey’s nest
Here’s that nest again. Huge!
Here’s another osprey’s nest

On the southern edge of the eastern shore Tony had spotted some graves. We can only assume that they belonged to fishermen. There were five of them. Tony has reserved the sixth plot.

Continuing westerly we traversed the highest peak on the southern side of the island (we’d attempted the north side but it was too dangerous) to get some amazing views of our anchorage, nesting osprey chicks and Dudo.

Tony, with Roam 2’s anchorage to the left

Cilian of ‘Cobble’
Fiona of ‘Roam 2’

And now for the sunset pictures. These were actually taken on the first night at anchor here but I’ve saved the best till last. I took so many I’m unsure which ones to keep in and which ones to bin, so I’ll post a few up to keep everyone happy. Whenever I look at these shots I am reminded of some of the most desolate yet beautiful landscape I have ever viewed.

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18 thoughts on “Cowries, Turtles, Ospreys and Graves!”

  1. Hi Jaime,
    thank you for these wonderful trip inside yours pictures. I’ d never though that my country was so beautifull. Only the man can destroy the beauty of this wild nature.

  2. You guys did an believable work.
    As an Eritrea, I’ m provide of my beautiful country and I appreciate you for expousing how beautiful Eritrea is.

    No wonder some of the Western journalist say Eritrea seats on the most expensive real esatate in the world.

    Now it will be our job to push the Eritrean government to OPEN Eritrea to international tourists. I understand we have security issues but we need to balance it by building strong Er Navy and yet allowing tourst to flok to Eritrea and enjoy its beauty.

  3. Well done guys. I am so glad u guys went back home and take all this beautiful pics. I am from there Eritrea and been along the red sea for more than five years. Good job guys

  4. Yeh, stunning photos again! Annie would have loved those tiny pink and purple shells on the coral.

    Did anybody else see “Tree Beard” in the rock?

  5. Amazing pics Jamie and Liz! Have a good trip over and we’ll see you in Mumbai on the 18th with any luck! Yey!! Can’t wait to see you both and finally get on board Esper (and meet Millie of course!!) Rum is on order!! x

  6. Thank you all. Jude, I didn’t use a filter but I do use Photoshop of course. Phil, you clearly haven’t heard Al Jazera FM lately: Koran-Sing-Along provides hours of entertainment for all the family. :mrgreen: We have just left our last port of entry and are motor-sailing into dying winds. Fingers-crossed for more sea-breezes.

  7. Eye popping photos – breathtaking!!! well done Jamie and Liz!!!! Love the close-ups (e.g.of shells, more please) as well as the panoramas. Awesome. Reminds me somewhat of Wadi Rum in Jordan. Being me I see fantastic images in the rock faces and wings stretching across the skies in sunset clouds. Clenched teeth for the next bit of your intrepid journey – Bon Voyage and Good Luck. Be well be safe. We LOVE hearing from you. We go back to Concerto in a couple of weeks.

  8. Of course the Cowrie Crew are reading! We’re very jealous of the shells. Your pictures almost look like paintings as they contain so many colours. Keep the posts coming.

  9. connie Lockwood

    Incredible!!!! Your amazing images leave me totally in awe of what you are witnessing Jamie! Thank you so very much for taking the trouble to share these too. It kind of makes me feel as if I am there as well, without the heat and all the rest of what composes a day in your life though. LOL! Looking forward to more . . . 😀

  10. Wonderful pics. Did you use a filter at all, out of interest?
    I also thought the turtle tracks were from a single tractor wheel vehicle!
    Good luck with the next stretch,
    Jude X

  11. Hey Jamie,

    loving the updates and the photos. You have a great knack of making all our lives seem very dull.
    Props for taking the opportunity to have a proper adventure, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I’m pretty darn envious.
    But hey I get better radio stations thAn you.

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