The Square On The Hypotenuse

Our original plan to hit the island of Fournoi was put on hold when we considered the increasing winds. They were coming from the north west and were begging to be sailed. Taking stock of this we re-routed our plans towards Samos, which is where Pat will be leaving from on Monday. More importantly it meant we could take advantage of the winds on the beam and sail the 25 miles to Pythagoria rather than motor it.

As we left the island of Arki we were seen off by a pod of dolphins, some so big I thought perhaps they were pilot whales. They weren’t but they looked very big and very old too (two with lots of battle scars). It was quite fitting to be seen off by them as we were leaving The Dodecanese and venturing into The Eastern Sporades.

Right now I sit in the harbour at Pythagoria, where we bumped into Geoff and Eileen of ‘Ocean Gem’ and Dennis and Jo of ‘Aurora’. I plan to spend some time here, doing some cleaning, boat maintenance and taking advantage of the ever so slightly cheaper 2.45 Mythos beer! If you ever visit Samos avoid the cafes on the harbour front. €4.50 for a Mythos? Sometimes I find the price of beer more ridiculous than my obsesion of actually finding the cheapest libation;-)

The pilot guide raves about Samos so I’m looking forward to taking the bike ashore and going for a hack around this large island.

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2 Comments on “The Square On The Hypotenuse”

  1. Hi

    Go to the nudist beach close to Samos town to see big fat German men and women waddling around. Dave hated it!!

    A Chris

    We may go to the Red Sea in October??

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