The Beaches of Uligamu (Photo Slideshow)

Having dropped anchor in Uligamu, after a frustrating four-day crossing from Cochin, India, we put our worries to one side with a wander along the desolate beach of the Maldive’s most northern (but one) island. This is a little photography slide-show for your entertainment. Just click on the image below to begin and don’t forget you can view it in full-screen mode to get that “I’m-really-there!” sensation!

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48 Comments on “The Beaches of Uligamu (Photo Slideshow)”

  1. as you know I have been studying colour and this is a brilliant example of colour. Goethe would be proud of you as he recommended using colour in ratios according to brightness!
    really lovely pic!

  2. Fabulous! So sorry I didn’t wish you all the best before you set off. Obviously I’m not jealous at all and will be very happy walking through the Peak District in the fog, rain and possibly snow tomorrow… Hope you’re well. Love Josp x.

  3. Paradise came to mind, but someone has already said that. So all I can say is, ” wish I was there with you”. Naturally I am in spirit, but it is not the same, though.

  4. S’alright I suppose… if you like that sort of thing….. *gazes out of window into foggy greyness*

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